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Cassandra Barrie

Tumble stone Sodalite

Tumble stone Sodalite

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This tumble stone Sodalite💎 is more than meets the eye.

It's a powerful little crystal that could unlock big growth🌱 in your life - mental clarity, spiritual exploration 🔮 and creative awakening 💡.

All that, in just one stone! 🤯


- Promotes emotional balance, eases anxiety, and calms panic attacks.

- Enhances creativity and imagination, and restores one's confidence in their unique talents and abilities.

- Place in a group setting, such as an office, to promote harmony, cooperation, and teamwork.

- Improves one's self-esteem and acceptance of themselves.

*Please note that crystal colours, shapes and sizes may vary from the pictures seen.
Crystal pieces are intuitively picked.

If you would like to personally pick your own crystals please follow this link to book a private shopping experience at THE WOO WOO SHED just outside of Ipswich, QLD.

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