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The woo woo shed

Surprise Crystals Christmas Bon Bons

Surprise Crystals Christmas Bon Bons

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This year there is two sizes to choose from!!!

Get ready to sleigh your holiday game with our Surprise Crystal Christmas Bon Bons!

These big beauties are jam-packed with a mix of crystal beaded bling, raw crystal chunks, and tumble stones.

Best of all - every bon bon brings a new vibe, with different crystal shapes, styles, and sizes that switch things up.

It's a crystalicious Christmas! 💎🎄💁‍♀️

Choose from a Extra big Bon bon that will contains a surprise of raw crystal chunks, tumble stones and beaded crystal jewelry.

The regular size bon bon will contain a collection of tumble stones and a crystal bracelet.

Crystals will vary between each bon bon, that's the whole point of them being a surprise.

If you would like custom made bon bon's with specific crystals please contact Cassandra Directly via the woo woo shed instagram @thewoowooshed


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