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Cassandra Barrie

Get fucked protection deluxe crystal kit!

Get fucked protection deluxe crystal kit!

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Are you needing some protection in your life?
Want to give some protection crystals a try?
This is an awesome protection crystal kit that covers so many areas of protection in one little box.

I suggest you visit your kit daily. Breathe deeply, and see which crystal (or crystals) draw you in for the day. Trust your badass intuition.

Pop them into one of the little bags provided and carry it with you all day. Keep them close – in your bag, pocket, wire pendant cage … or even in your bra!

At the end of the day pop your crystal back into the box so that it can be cleansed and cleared overnight, ready for tomorrow.

The piece of selenite in the box will cleanse and clear all the crystals for you. Such a helpful little crystal. 

 *Please note crystal, colors, shapes and sizes will vary from the pictures shown.
These kits are also created and put together by a one women show so please allow 5-7 for packing and shipping


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