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Cassandra Barrie

Lepidolite with Green tourmaline

Lepidolite with Green tourmaline

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Looking for a bit of ✨magic✨in your life?

Look no further than this Lepidolite with Green tourmaline natural raw chunk! 🤩

It’ll be sure to add a little sparkle and spark joy! (Plus, being raw, it's a guaranteed one-of-a-kind piece!) 🤩


- Facilitates the release of old behavioral and psychological patterns.

- Helps stabilize emotions as this stone contains a high amount of natural lithium which is used in many anxiety medications.

- Aids one in overcoming emotional or mental dependency, and helps treat addictions, bipolar disorder, and ADHD.

- Brings deep emotional healing and gives one hope in dark times.

Green Tourmaline:

- Grounds spiritual energy and forms a protective shield around one's aura.

- Banishes any feelings of being a victim, and promotes tolerance, love, and compassion towards oneself and others.

- Helpful in treating dyslexia as it improves hand-to-eye coordination and aids the translation of complex information.

- Promotes self-confidence and eliminates fear of the unknown.

*Please note that crystal colours, shapes and sizes may vary from the pictures seen.Crystal pieces are intuitively picked.

If you would like to personally pick your own crystals please follow this link to book a private shopping experience at THE WOO WOO SHED just outside of Ipswich, QLD.

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