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Cassandra Barrie

Labradorite sphere

Labradorite sphere

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Awaken your inner magic with this 🔮Labradorite crystal sphere!

Its mesmerizing dark blues and greens will transport you to far-off realms.

Plus, its smooth, rounded shape makes it perfect for use in any meditation or calming practice. 🤩

Stand included.


- A stone of self-transformation, making it beneficial to work with during life transitions.

- Highly protective and deflects negative energies from one's aura and environment.

- A powerful companion when performing magical or ritual work as it brings a deep awareness of our spiritual knowledge.

- Strengthens intuition, enhances psychic abilities, and aids one on their spiritual journey.

*Please note that crystal colours, shapes and sizes may vary from the pictures seen.
Crystal pieces are intuitively picked.

If you would like to personally pick your own crystals please follow this link to book a private shopping experience at THE WOO WOO SHED just outside of Ipswich, QLD.

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