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Cassandra Barrie

Fluorite Generator

Fluorite Generator

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This Fluorite Generator will rock your world!

It's made with a fluorite crystal that's sure to provide unique energy vibes 🤩💎🔮 and help you feel a little more centered and balanced ☯️.

Get your hands on it and bring some positive energy to your space 👌!

Stands 18cm tall

- A highly protective and stabilizing stone that cleanses the mind, body, and spirit.

- Promotes mental clarity, making it beneficial for those who are indecisive or have trouble organizing their thoughts.

- One of the most effective stones for promoting deep concentration, improving memory, and enhancing creativity.

- Releases negative thought patterns and helps one remain in the present moment.

*Please note that crystal colours, shapes and sizes may vary from the pictures seen.
Crystal pieces are intuitively picked.

If you would like to personally pick your own crystals please follow this link to book a private shopping experience at THE WOO WOO SHED just outside of Ipswich, QLD.

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