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Cassandra Barrie

Cord cutting candle ritual kit

Cord cutting candle ritual kit

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Cut the ties to the shit that no longer serves you!
Cut the connections to toxic people and relationships!

You will need: 2 candles, same size
Piece of cord
Heat proof tray of some sort
Something to carve the candle. You could use a pin, the end of a pen, bobby pin, piece of wire, scissors 

(you don’t want to carve heaps out of the candle so something small is ideal and don’t be stupid if using sharp tools take you time)
Blu tak to hold the candles in place or an extra candle that you can melt a wax patch and stick the candle in

A quiet place with no distractions and 30-60mins for the whole ritual depending on how long the candles take to burn.

How to perform the ritual:
Get your candles
Carve what you are wanting to release into one of the candles.
This could be a person's name, this could be negative words or emotions you are holding one, an experience you want to let go of.
Whatever comes to just gently carve it into one of the candles.

You could then carve your name onto the other candle
Place the candles on the heatproof tray using the blu tak or the wax of another candle to help them stay standing.

I prefer to put the candle that represents me on the left hand side and the candle I am wanting to release on the right.

Get the pieces of cord and tie it between the 2 candles being sure to have the knot at the same level on each candle.

Once the candles are set up

Get yourself comfortable and sitting in front of the candles 

(try and do this somewhere there isn't a lot of wind or other elements that may affect the burning process)

Once you are comfortable set your intention, speak it out loud or in your mind.
Ie: today I know release and cut the cord and connection to [insert name]
I now release and let go of all that no longer serves me with the burning of this cord.

Whatever comes up for you
Don't over think your words, what you hear and say is perfect for you in that moment.

Now light both candles.
If you can be super clever and have 2 lighters see if you can light both candles at the sametime.
If not, just don't take too long in between lighting them. (this is where a lighter is better rather than matches)

Now sit and focus on the flames and the cord repeating your intention over and over in your head or out aloud.

Allow yourself to get lost in the dance of the flames and just breath.

Feel all the shit that you know longer need leaving your body, mind and soul.
The flame burning away all that has held you back.
And as the candle burns down follow it with your mind and eyes and allow the cord to burn and break!

Now there is no rule as to which candle burns out first.
I find if the candle that represents your burns down first and gets to the cord first then you have overpowered the bullshit and taken control back into your life.
If the candle that represents the negative burns down first I believe that this is a sign that the crap you have held onto was so toxic that the universe and this ritual couldnt get rid of it quick enough for you!

So don't get caught up on what one goes first just focus on the fact that the cord has now been broken!
The connection is now longer there!

You have done an amazing job and it’s time to move forward!

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