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Cassandra Barrie

Tumble stone Malachite

Tumble stone Malachite

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Add some ⭐️ magic ⭐️ to your collection with this Malachite Tumble Stone.

Perfect for carrying in your pocket, this lustrous stone is said to bring emotional balance and stability.

Keep it close for extra 💚 love and protection 💚.


- A powerful stone of self-transformation that amplifies positive and negative energies.

- Placed on the third eye, Malachite can enhance visualization and assist in receiving insights from the subconscious mind.

- Absorbs negative energy but does not release it, making it important to ensure it is cleansed regularly.

- Opens and heals the heart, eases heartache, and promotes deep emotional healing.

*Please note that crystal colours, shapes and sizes may vary from the pictures seen.Crystal pieces are intuitively picked.

If you would like to personally pick your own crystals please follow this link to book a private shopping experience at THE WOO WOO SHED just outside of Ipswich, QLD.

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