The WOO WOO Shed

If you’re in need of a super polite ass-kicking to help you to feel like the badass you are, aka bold, authentic, driven, aware, sassy, and strong (yep, that’s a B.A.D.A.S.S.), you’ve come to the right place.

Cass will be your guide, cheerleader, coach, and educator as you discover your spiritual connection to self and uncover the inner badass we all have lurking inside of us. That’s your badassery!

She also has all the things you need for your spiritual journey and empowerment, in one handy spot. Right here!

So, how can Cass, a natural nurturer and healer, help you?

She uses modalities such as breathwork, crystals (kits through to jewellery), oracle cards, floral wands, empowerment sessions and workshops to help you connect with that inner energy and find the answers you seek.

Hint: the answers are already in you! And as luck would have it, one of Cass’ superpowers is knowing the right questions to ask to bring out the answers you have been searching for. Cool, huh?

Her breathwork workshops are lifechanging. Her one-on-one oracle card sessions are insightful. Her crystal kits, for anxiety, the home, money and more, are powerful beyond measure.

Want to join Cass?
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