Sending the nude photo!

Yep it happens all the freaking time and to be honest there is actually something powerful and confidence building in sending a nude.

Fuck there is power in just taking the god damn photo and looking back at yourself and loving it, let alone loving it enough to send it.

Like come on, for a guy a nude is generally a dick pic and at the end of the day those things arent fucking attractive in any photo so I don’t feel like there is as much effort or thought put into their nudes as there is ours!
And hey guys by all means let me know if I am wrong!!

Anyway back to the whole taking a nude and sending a nude!
I recently re set up my tinder account.
I thought I was being clever and putting a nice cheeky boob shot at the end of my selection of photos only to soon find out that it was actually coming up as my freaking profile picture!
Hey it fucking worked I have had several conversations now because of it!

So tip.

If you want interaction, tits first (ps this booby photo is one I have shared on social media no nipples were used in the soliciting of my tinder account just a really good exotica crop!)

When first taking nudes they have to be for the intention of you and you only.
You need to be able to look back on them and love what you see.

If you take them solely for the intention to send them out then you are kinda fucking with your confidence and honestly from what I experienced today, setting yourself up for failure.

So today as I was working away I checked tinder, had a bit of a convo back and forth with a guy and then it proceed to exchanging numbers and then the conversation did go to photos.
I will give him this, he did ask permission before just sending a dick pic!

And hey lets just celebrate that for a minute if you have followed me you would know I have complained about not receiving these unsolicited dick pics that everyone seemed to be getting. Hahah

Looks like its was all just in the timing of my online dating experience because now they are coming through hard and fast (pun totally intended)

Back to why your nudes need to be for you first!
Chatting back and forth, sent a pic, got a pic, asked for more so then I sent a picture that was more of a body shot.
Conversation ended……….

So this is why I come back to your nudes needing to be for you.

In this situation and I’m not going to lie I did allow these thoughts to go through my head, but I kicked them in the butt fairly quickly because I fucking love my nudes and I know they are great.

But I also know if this was the old not so, kinda got my shit together I would have landed in a spiral of…..

I am to fat, He didnt like that photo because you can see my belly, my boobs arent as perky in that, you can see my stretch marks etc etc etc and then allow the spiral to fucking get deeper and deeper.

So that brings me back to my nudes being for me and if you get to see them, then fucking lucky you!

If you don’t like them, then fuck you!

I do not need anyone's approval of my body and if you choose to stop the conversation because what you see looks like it might be a little more than you can handle then, thank you for the chit chat and I hope you have a great day!

So ladies before you throw yourself into the online dating realm, because let’s be honest in the world we live in right now that’s where you will at least find some fun.
Prepare yourself, arm yourself with confidence because it is a scary dangerous playground and I have been hurt, I have gotten lost, I have beat myself up and I have given up.

This time round it’s a new me and it’s already paying off.
I am not out here searching for a soul mate, I just want to have fun.

There is alot of power in sex and especially within an orgasm (not always gauranteed) and sex needs to be shared and spoken about alot more then it does!

If you practise it safely sex really can just be enjoyed for fun.
It doesn’t have to have emotion and all the drama you can just find those people who you have fun with and that be it!

So next time you're taking a nude, ask yourself. “Who is this for?”
and If it isn’t for yourself then don’t do it and don’t send it!

Yes the photo below is not a nude! Just cheeky fun!
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