Crystals for your home

Crystals for your home

Let's talk about crystals around your home.

I recently curated this little kit for your home. 

It's going to help cleanse energy and replace negative energy with positive energy. 

It's going to call in love, peace and harmony, abundance, and it's also going to have some protection.

So what’s in the kit?

There are four pieces of selenite.

Selenite is an amazing crystal that actually cleanses and releases energy. 

So it cleanses the negative energy and then releases positive energy. 

It's also a crystal that doesn't actually store energy, so it's really good. 

You can literally set and forget. 

These pieces go either side of your front door, and then either side of your back door, or wherever the main in and out traffic is.

Also in the kit is 2 pieces of smoky quartz for grounding and protection, and a piece of black obsidian, also known as the Warrior Stone, or if you're a Game of Thrones fan, it's also known as Dragon Glass from that TV series, which I'm clearly a fan. 

You can place these wherever you like in your house. 

I highly recommend your high traffic areas, so perhaps the lounge room or the kitchen. 

And you could even place a piece of smoky quartz at either entrance with the selenite.

The kit also includes Amethyst and  citrine.
Citrine is for prosperity and abundance. 

We all want that flowing through the house, so that's a really great piece. 

Again, in a central location. 

Your amethyst is for  peace, calm, harmony. 

You could place these, again in a central location, or even in the bedroom.

 It can help with sleep.

And the last piece in the kit is a piece of rose quartz. 

Lots of  love, love, love, love, love, and every home needs some extra love. 

Again I would recommend popping this in your high traffic areas, so your lounge room or your kitchen, or if you want some extra love in the bedroom, pop your amethyst and your rose quartz on your bedside table.

So, that is the little home kit. It's a really good starter kit for anyone who's starting out and wants to bring crystals into their home. So, check it out right here 

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