7 rules to Be a Badass

7 rules to Be a Badass

Rules to being a badass

Being a badass is not defined by having tattoos or wearing leather jackets and riding motorcycles.

A badass isn’t someone who fights people and causes trouble.
A badass isn’t someone who goes around telling everyone they are tough and a total badass.

A badass IS someone who is comfortable in their own skin and wants the world to know it.
A badass IS someone who doesn’t compromise themselves to please others.
A badass IS someone who unselfishly helps others become their own kind of badass.

A badass IS someone who stays true to themselves and can find their way back if for some reason they lose their badassness.

There are 7 rules to being a badass.

1: Be unapologetically you. No if’s buts or maybes. Don’t be fake and don’t do it to please others.

2: Encourage and always help others to be a badass.

3: Show up everyday and try something new. But know your limits, don’t go and jump on a high powered motorbike if you still have the training wheels on your bicycle. Badass bones still break.

4: Don’t try and be a badass just because it’s cool. Everyone knows a fake badass when the see one.

5. Accept that that becoming a badass requires continual work and growth. So don’t give up take action, make mistakes and learn from your lessons.

6: Be honest to yourself and others. No one likes a fucking liar.

7: Don’t do it alone. The world needs you and there are other badassess out there waiting to do badass things and live badass lives with you.

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