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The Woo Woo shed is the place yor can find your local crystal dealer and Holistic wellness expert

Cassandra Barrie.

Who is Cassandra Barrie?
Let me introduce myself!!

I educate and guide women to connect with their mind and body, to bring out their most authentic, driven, focused, confident selves.

Using a combination of holistic counseling, spiritual and energetic therapies with hair, beauty and fashion for an ultimate internal and external change.
I started doing this work
after the death of my husband when I found the support I was getting wasn't helpful.
I didn't feel supported, nurtured or seen when I needed help the most.
So I figured why not have counseling and therapy with a difference!!!
I didn't fit into a text book box label for grief and trauma.
Which led me to realize there are plenty of women out there who don’t fit into a box either.

So the woo woo shed was born and my mission is to reach as many women as I can and educate and guide them to fully accept and understand themselves in all aspects of their lives.
Internally and externally! Mind and body!

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